Our Strength

Smooth Bilingual Communications

We can help overcome the challenges of bilingual PR communication for global companies.

Marketing & PR Professionals with experiences in foreign and domestic companies will fully support PR activities of global companies. We provide strategic PR solutions for global companies facing the following PR challenges.

Challenges that Global Companies Face

Planning PR activity in Japan?
Problems that foreign companies face

  • Don’t have good knowledge about marketing & PR in Japan
  • Have difficulties producing expected PR results due to lack of language problems
  • Want to engage in PR activities in Japan, but have no marketing or PR division in Japan
  • Translation companies do not have enough knowledge about PR
  • PR activity fee for agencies handling English/Japanese communication is high but satisfactory result not delivered
  • Marketing strategies from headquarters does not fit in Japanese market

Planning PR activity overseas?
Problems that domestic companies have

  • Don’t have a good knowledge about overseas market and media
  • Have troubles communicating in English
  • High cost for PR activity fee for agencies handling English/Japanese communication

All our staffs have long-term overseas life experiences and have high skills in English and Japanese language.

On top of the overseas experiences, our staffs are professionals in PR & Marketing field with many experiences in global companies.

Not only acquiring media coverage for clients, we focus on meeting clients' needs and achieving their goals.

We draw out and execute effective plans, utilizing our tight relationship with wide range of media.

Also, additional to our high English skills and knowledge of PR and marketing, because we spent a long time in multi-cultural environment and understand the culture and nature of people with different background, we are able to communicate well in multi-national environment.

Therefore, we are in the position to help communicate between foreign clients and domestic media, domestic clients and foreign media, clients' foreign headquarters/offices and domestic offices smoothly.

For instance, many foreign companies usually encounter challenges such as requesting and gaining approval for marketing & PR budget and unique plans suitable for Japanese market.

Depending on clients' needs, we are able to help negotiate, seek, and gain approval from headquarters by attending telephone conferences or creating documents to support clients' assertion as a part of our services.

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